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Why use Owater ?

Owater is a site that allows you to find a drinking water point, a fountain or a source close to your position, to supply you with free water. It is ecological and economical. A geolocation system allows you to directly find the water points closest to you. The Owater site includes more than 200,000 water points. It is also a participatory site: by adding water points near you or those you encounter on your travels, you contribute to the largest map of water points in the world.

The problem with plastic bottles :

Very often plastic bottles end up in nature and pollute our environment. See the problem of the 7th continent : More than 8 million tons of plastics pour into the oceans every year. By avoiding the systematic purchase of bottled water, you limit the pollution of the oceans and the environment in general.

How to reduce our wastes ?

By filling your water bottle with sources of free drinking water during your walks and your travels, you are already reducing the amount of waste in waste treatment channels or released into nature. Other solutions also exist to limit our impact on the environment, as for example to limit packaging in buying in bulk or repairing your items to give them a second life.

Is the water still drinkable ?

On Owater, we try to focus primarily on drinking water sources. Water points are divided into two categories, Drinking water and Non-potable water. However, we cannot in any way guarantee that water marked as potable on our site is actually potable. If in doubt, we advise you to use a filter bottle to purify the water before drinking it, you can buy it at this page or other sites.

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